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Submission Guidelines

Tales from the Road embraces a broad understanding of literature and literary and creative work and encourages individuals to transcend traditional limits between genres (fiction, poetry, visual art, multimedia pieces). We encourage all English majors and minors to submit their work to our online student blog for consideration. The goal of our online blog posts is to encourage student understanding of learning abroad, provide students the opportunity to reflect creatively and recognize student achievement.

All work submitted to Tales from the Road must relate to an undergraduate English major's or minor's (or International student studying English) experience, confrontation or understanding of international education, study or work (including volunteer work). Creative works can embrace the actual process of going abroad, thinking about the experience once in the U.S., working with immigrants after having been abroad, etc. We are open to a variety of topics and interests. Any questions concerning submission content should be sent to talesfromtheroadumn@gmail.com with "Tales from the Road question" in the subject line.

A suggested 1,500 word limit is emphasized for all literary works. Any visual or multimedia pieces should be sent in translatable file formatting (.jpg, etc).

For prose pieces, please limit yourself to one or two entries. Works of poetry should be limited to several shorter pieces or one large piece. All visual and multimedia pieces with multiple parts will be judged as a whole.

Plagiarized material is subject to University of Minnesota academic policy relating to plagiarized material.

All creative works should be edited and free of grammatical errors and other compositional mistakes. Our committee will work with students on minor grammatical changes/stylistic changes but any major revisions will not be made or addressed by our committee.

Publication will occur twice throughout the school year. We will publish at the beginning of each term. Individual publication deadlines will be listed online in the Updates category. Any prizes, contests and other special publication circumstances will also be posted in the Updates category.

All submissions can be sent through the following link:
Submit to Tales from the Road

Please allow time for our staff to review all entries before we respond. Typically allow up to one month between the deadline and announcements of new online publications.

We look forward to reviewing your creative work and encourage all undergraduate English majors and minors to submit!

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