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Welcome to Tales from the Road: A Display of Experiences from Abroad

The Undergraduate Studies office in the Department of English is proud to bring you a brand new blog dedicated to study, volunteer and interning abroad. This blog is designed for students to reflect creatively about their experience abroad.

Why is it called Tales from the Road? It is inspired by Robert Frost's well-known poem "The Road Not Taken". We believe that students that have the courage, innovation and ambition to step outside of their normal University setting should celebrate their efforts. This is also students' chance to get published online (which looks great for resumes and graduate school applications).

All entries will be reviewed by the Undergraduate Studies office staff before publishing. Entries of fiction, non-fiction, poetry along with photo essays, multi-media content and other medias are welcomed. Students are encouraged to submit their work through the following link:

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Tales from the Road

We encourage travelers from all walks of life to submit the best of their creative work.

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