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May 1, 2004

Familiar Faces

Today I went to a computer software seminar. I went early because I wasn’t sure how heavy traffic would be going into downtown. There were only a few people mingling around when I arrived and the sign-in table was not set up yet. So, I helped myself to some juice and a roll they had set up. I observed that in strange situations, people tend to clump together with the people they came with or stand by themselves.
I observed myself doing it also. Gradually people started coming in, and I recognized some old friends and colleagues. They either came over to me or I migrated toward where they were standing, and broke in when it was convenient. It was nice to see them. Another man came in, who recognized me first, and came right over, and said, “John! How are you!” and with a big grin, shook my hand. It was nice to see him too after about five years. We talked about what he was doing and who he was working for and exchanged email addresses.
Another man I know a little better and talk to a little more frequently was also there. We also talked about some other things, besides work and software. That was even better. A little more personal.
As we were talking a thought came to me. When we are faced with unfamiliar situations we feel a lot better when we see some familiar faces.
To many of us, the afterlife is a great mystery. It scares us. And we hope the stories we’ve heard are true, that someone we know will come and greet us and guide us to our green pastures. Many of us have heard jokes about people going to heaven, standing around the pearly gates, waiting to be checked-in. St. Peter is there greeting people and either letting them in, or not. Checking to see if you are on the guest list or if you’ve been good enough to get in. We had to pre-register for the software seminar, and they were expecting us. Our name was on the list. With heaven we are not always so sure. But talking to God ahead of time helps. Knowing God before we even cross over to the other side, gives us an immediate benefit. Being on more friendly, familiar terms with God, is like having a familiar face there waiting for us. We are already pre-registered, God is expecting us. Sure it’s an unfamiliar situation, but we’ll feel a lot better when we see some familiar faces. In the crowds, God will find us, we will find God and we’ll smile and relax at the sight of a familiar face.

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