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May 23, 2004

Meeting on the Bus

When I was riding the bus to class I met a man who was interested in Biking. Since I did not want to ride my bike that many miles in one day, I put it on the bus’ bike rack on the front of the bus before boarding. Seeing me with my bike was enough of an icebreaker for this man to talk to me about biking. It was a good conversation and he gave me a few tips and I learned a few things about bikes that I never knew. I also learned that the route I was riding had a posted speed limit, and I was violating that by riding too fast. When I think about this, it’s my willingness to be open and forthcoming that led to a good conversation and connection with another human being and I learned a valuable lesson. I had seen the 10MPH speed limit posted on the bike trail before. My reason for riding on the trail instead of the street was based on a faulty view. I thought it was safer there riding in the dark than on the streets with the cars. It was a dedicated trail for bikes and pedestrians. However I was violating the speed limit by riding over 10MPH on the trail, which is not hard to do on a bike. My friend Dan told me he runs on that trail over 10MPH. Also I realized that a lot of pedestrians use that trail at night and it was difficult for me to see them. But the conversation on the bus made me more aware of what I was doing. Because of this, when I rode my bike along that route after class, I paid closer attention to my surroundings and noticed that there was a marked bike lane on the shoulder of the road. I had not seen the “bike only” markings on the street before. Now I can ride that route as fast as I want with a clear conscience and within the law. That fits more with who I am and feels better.
What I have learned about God, is that God is always talking to us and that God speaks to our hearts. This meeting on the bus touched my heart and made me change what I was doing. We have to be willing to listen to the Spirit of God talking to us in many forms. Even through a meeting of a complete stranger on the bus.

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