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July 22, 2004

It's a beautiful life

But How beautiful it can be is a matter of perspective. Tonight I decided to push myself a little harder and went for a ride with the Saint Paul Bike Racing Club. (http://www.spbrc.org) It was a lot of fun. This was my first time riding as a group. The hills were not too bad and the pace was slower than I normally ride, but the distance was much longer than Iíve done during the work week. But even that seemed ok. I must be doing something right in building up my endurance and overall conditioning.
Before the ride, I decided to leave my backpack at work, ride to the starting point of the group ride, do the ride, then return to work to pick up my backpack. As it turned out, that was the perfect choice to make. Isnít hindsight usually more revealing? So, 36 miles later I was back at work. As I pulled up to our building, I saw the security guard outside with the hood of his car opened. He was having some problems with his 1986 vehicle. It looked like it needed a little help on the outside too. I pulled up and said a cheerful hi. We talked for about a half an hour. He showed me the problem and said that the local garage wanted to charge him 400 dollars to fix it. He also told me that he had only 75 dollars to last him another week. Then I found out that he was taking care of his mother at home, who is 80 years old and barely able to walk.
But he wasnít complaining, just telling it as it was. He said he might be able to borrow a car from his buddy for a little while. Itís the same car he sold to his friend a few years ago for a few hundred dollars. It doesnít have headlights. Do you know what he told me? ďAt least this car has working headlights, so I can get home from work at the end of my shift.Ē
Now Iím looking for a car mechanic in the twin cities who can do a 400 dollar repair job for almost nothing. It really needs to be done soon or this man may be without transportation. His 75 dollars wonít go very far if heís not working.
My ride was beautiful, and when we can help another person, life is beautiful. It helps to keep things in perspective and remember that we are all in life together. If any of you are mechanically inclined or know of a good hearted mechanic or want to help this security guard out with a buck or two, please email me (or reply to this post) carl1236@umn.edu
Iíll continue to look for the best way to help this man out in a time of need. I know itís there because life is beautiful when we share it with others.

Posted by carl1236 at July 22, 2004 11:47 PM | Love your Neighbor