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August 20, 2004

Greg Froehle Music Review

Tonight saw Greg Froehle at the Old Man River Cafe on Smith Avenue. The place was packed with about 32 people. Most of them came just to see and hear Greg perform. Before I walked in the door, I had never heard of Greg Froehle, but after leaving I wonít be able to forget the fresh lyrics and phenomenal voice! He plays guitar and sings. He writes his own music. He produced his own CD. It was a pleasant surprise for me tonight.
According to Gregís website, he was born in 1984 in his living room. From the sound of things, I think he must have been born with his guitar in his hands! And instead of crying like normal babies, he was probably music to his motherís ears. Gregís CD is music to my ears. I especially liked the guitar playing on Did you ever look so nice? I donít quite understand all of the lyrics yet, but in the song Smoke I understand completely what it feels like to be in unfamiliar territory.
ďIt's so dark and cold
And the air is getting thin
As I walk the tightrope
In unfamiliar skinĒ

Greg, I donít see any new dates on your website calendar yet, but I have you bookmarked now, and look forward to hearing more of your music. Thanks for the great CD and performance!

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