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August 26, 2004

Universal Language

Today I was talking with someone in the park and we were laughing and talking about paying bills and working and being responsible. Really though we could have been talking about anything.
What was really happening was a connection that went beyond the words. Each of us was engaged with each other in a way that transended the topic of conversation. We felt good, we were happy.
Today I was reading some articles on Natural Language Processing (NLP), which is a phrase used to describe a machine language or program that interacts with human beings by following a set of rules in a way that makes it seem human itself. I wondered how I could write a program that would detect the connection I had with this person in the park, that went beyond the words. If such a program existed it couldn't just process the nouns and verbs used in conversation and extract a meaning from that. The program would have to have a way of detecting feelings and emotions.
A lot of times we can't even detect our own true feelings and emotions unless someone points them out to us. It is helpful for us though to try to be more aware of our true feelings, emotions and underlying motives. Sometimes we have to move beyond our own NLP program inside our heads to detect the human emotions involved. We need to experience the joy and the connection with other people in order to understand it.

Posted by carl1236 at August 26, 2004 10:11 PM | Love your Neighbor


im begining to understand the universal language myself at such a basic level. but from what i can tell it seems to beable to happen with everything and everyone. even with people who dont speak the same language you can feel the conection there but i can tell it goes even deeper than that. its being able to read the spirit(?) dont know if that is a good discription what i mean that you start to see a common theme with the people you feel it most strongly with, certin characteristics(spellings really bad sorry) even at certin times you start to see patterns to life, you can start to see oprotunites and potential for adventure or what you should be doing. i know im serching for my purpose in life more than ever just now. but for a time i was so caught up in what i was looking for i wasnt enjoying the trip. i still dont know what i am going to do but im going to have fun getting there.

Posted by: Jordan Smith at May 25, 2005 10:57 AM