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September 8, 2004

Connecting with others, Making Friends

I have updated “THE MOTIVATION LIST” – see the added number 18 – follow the link near the bottom of this entry.

Last night in my Korean class we went around the room introducing ourselves in Korean then we had tell everyone what we hope to get out of this course. I found it interesting that a couple of students didn’t answer with a standard answer of, “to improve my language skills.” Instead they said they were there to make new friends. Yeah, in my opinion, that’s a great idea since most people I’ve met taking Korean are really great people who I wouldn’t mind having as friends.
After they gave their answer, the teacher prompted them for more, and the students added, “and to improve my language skills.” Then there were a few chuckles. This reminded me of the movie, “Miss Congeniality” where beauty contestants in the competition were obligated to say something about ‘world peace’ in their speech. When Gracie Lou Freebush (Sandra Bullok) gave her speech she said she wanted ‘harsher punishments for parole violators.’ Everyone in the room went silent, so she added, “And world peace.” Then everyone applauded. The original answer wasn’t what people expected but it’s closer to the heart.
Why are we here anyway? What motivates us? For some of my classmates it’s to meet new friends who share the same interests. It’s a great reason! Connecting with other human beings who share our interests can be a great motivator. It’s why many people get married. If our motivation is at a low, connecting with other people who share a similar interest can boost our enthusiasm and rekindle our motivation.
I think this is closely related to numbers 16 and 17 in THE MOTIVATION LIST, but meeting friends and friendship I think goes beyond one class and is deeper than self interest because true friendship also has the dimension of giving and of caring about the other person. Making friends is a great motivator for life.

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