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October 15, 2004

A thousand points of light

Tonight driving home it was lightly raining. At one point I was driving toward a bright light and the drops of rain on my windshield all lit up. It was a really beautiful thing. But I quickly realized I couldnít see the road and I had to wipe it away. The rest of the drive home was uneventful and the conditions were never quite the same to reproduce the momentary brilliance of a thousand points of light. But the beauty of it is still stuck in my mind.
It was a great day for me. I saw my son briefly, who was home for a day from college. I went out to dinner with my Korean language partner. That was awesome. I love Kimchi. I canít explain it, but I do. Of course I really enjoy and appreciate almost any kind of food. After dinner we went to a coffee shop and listened to a Jazz group play. That was good too.
The coffee shop was packed, probably because the Jazz group was pretty good. Iím sure they brought some of their fans with them. We sat down at a table where a woman was studying something that looked like a textbook. We struck up a conversation because my Korean language partner was curious what she was studying.
She was preparing herself to talk to people about God. She was studying a guidebook on the key points of Christianity. It was interesting that one of her favorite hobbies was to give bibles to people. She was talking about the bible and what it meant for her to study it. She said, ďthe bible is the inspired word of God, and I know that when I have difficult times I can always find something in there to help me.Ē She also talked about the power of Godís word in peopleís lives.
By the time we finished talking, she had my friendís address and was planning on dropping off a bible at his apartment tomorrow. She was thrilled to be able to do it. Then she looked at her watch and decided it was time she left. And it was getting late so we also decided to leave. I drove him home and dropped him off in front of his apartment building. It was really a great evening, and then I was on my way home. Thatís when I had the experience of witnessing the dazzling light show on my windshield. The thousand points of light was an inspiration and revelation to me.
As we were driving I was thinking about the night and how that woman enthusiastically talked about the bible. I reflected on what the bible (and other holy texts) have meant to me throughout my life. The bible has also been called the living word. When I was younger I could never figure out how a book or words could be alive. Or how a book written by so many different people could be considered the words of God. And these words of God kind of tell a story from the beginning to the end, but I would not call it a smoothly written novel. Itís more like a thousand little topics loosely organized into chapters and verses that we can peruse and study in any order. There is an overall story, but this is really a collection of works that were done at different times and in different places and organized by someone to form the bible we have now. Like a thousand points of light, itís brilliant. The words of God come through the text and shine light on our hearts. The reason all of our spiritual texts, holy words are so special is because the words talk about ways to transform ourselves. We are moved and inspired by the revelations we have about the way things really are, and it has a deep impact on us. We are changed by it.
Throughout my entire life I have been touched and changed by the word of God. But I am not just talking about a book with words in it. I am talking about the thousand points of light. The insight and spirit behind the words. The heart of God can come to us in many forms. God can speak to us and change us using any means available to God. As long as human beings have existed, God has been talking to us. Long before the written word, God has been talking to us. A good question is do we listen? Does it change our hearts?

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