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October 24, 2004

building excitement

Today was a really nice day. It started off a little rough because I was up too late last night. This morning I overslept and had to get ready for work in 15 minutes. Then I rushed off to start my day. I stopped by the coffee shop and the baker, Marlene was just pulling the muffins out of the oven. I got a tea to go and a fresh, still hot Cranberry-Orange muffin! mmmm.
I noticed a recurring idea cycling through the events of my day today. It had to do with motivation. The idea is basically, ďWhatever we do, or want to do, getting involved in it, getting going on it, getting started doing it, etc., can build our excitement.Ē At first we donít always want to do something. Like this morning I was dead tired due to lack of enough sleep. But I knew once I got to work it would be ok. So, I donít usually complain anymore about things like that, I just dive in and get going at it, knowing that it wonít be so bad once Iím involved in it.
At work today I administered medications, cooked breakfast, served it up, helped one of the residents start the dishwasher, did some housecleaning, did some laundry, made lunch, served it up, cleaned it up and turned on the Vikings football game for one of the guys who loves Gophers and Vikings football. He had his Vikings shirt on and kept asking who the Vikings were playing. Then I put more laundry in and sat down for a break. The morning flew by because I was really busy. Several times during the morning I thought about how nice it was to be working here. I love helping these guys and interacting in their lives. Helping them to try to do as many things on their own is really a worthwhile thing. They get a lot out of it, and I provide dignity and self-worth for them. Getting the one guy to put the dish-soap into the dishwasher, close the little detergent door, close and lock the dishwasher and turn the knob to start was a huge step for him. And he LOVES it! Once I get to work I love it! The work itself reminds me why Iím there and my enthusiasm rekindles. I know in advance of going that this is how it often works. Getting going on whatever it is can build our excitement and we end up having a great day!
When I finally sat down to take a break I wasnít really in the mood to do my homework. I just wanted to sit and vegetate for a while. But I knew that once I got going on it I would get into it and enjoy it. So I cracked open the book and my notes and started working on the assigned homework. I was just getting the hang of it when I realized that I had to finish the laundry and do my charting before it was time to leave. But even though I really didnít feel like doing my homework, I got into anyway. Once I started it, my enthusiasm was rekindled and I remembered why I love learning languages so much! I didnít get it all done (not even close, haha) but I did get done more than if I would have just vegetated in front of the TV.
I took care of the rest of my responsibilities at work and drove home. It was such a beautiful day out, I was thinking frequently how nice it would feel to go a for a bike ride when I got home. It was only 4:30pm and there was still plenty of daylight. I might have been a little wishy-washy about going for a ride as I started my drive home, but then I saw three cyclists out on the road spinning away and looking like they were intense. I rolled my window down further and felt the moderate air temperature and the sun on my face. By the time I got home, I was convinced. The excitement was building as I got changed. I hit the road and it felt great! I knew it would once I got out there. I had a route in mind as I was getting ready because on the way home from work I passed one of the trails I like riding on and it had fresh asphalt on it. I thought that would be a good adventure. So when I set out on my ride I knew where I was going. As a highlight of my ride I took a mental photograph as I rode through the trail. On this winding trail through a park most of the trees had already dropped their leaves onto the trail, giving it a blanket that softened the ride. The empty branches hung over the still fully-clothed underbrush like a mist hanging over the ground. I saw a lot of people out walking, with friends or family or their dogs. It was a nice sight to see. I ended up riding eleven and a half miles with an average speed of 17.2 miles per hour. And thatís good for me, considering the last mile and a half was all up-hill back to my house. It was definitely worth doing!
Tonight after I cleaned up, my wife and I went out to dinner at the recently remodeled/relocated Mai Village Vietnamese Restaurant on University Avenue in St. Paul. I knew she was looking forward to trying it last night, but our plans kind of changed and we ended up eating at a Mexican restaurant because it was closer to where we were. She had recommended going to this Vietnamese restaurant because she drives by it all the time and has been thinking about trying it out for a while. So tonight I wanted to offer that as my choice for dinner because I knew she would love it. I had eaten at this restaurant before they moved, and the food was great. Plus I love Vietnamese food.
However, given my work load and tight schedule, I was already behind for the evening. But I knew that it would be good once I got there, and that my wife would love it. I was great! The decor is amazing. We walked in the front door and saw the traditional Vietnamese woodwork and decorations and then followed the greeter to our table. As we walked into the restaurant area we crossed over a wood bridge on a little pond with a waterfall and gold-fish and coy. The place is huge and very nicely done. Everyone was friendly and the food was great. I recommend the Asparagus-Crab Soup, a specialty of Viet Nam. Also, their egg rolls are very good, with the traditional fish sauce to dip them in.
While we were at the restaurant, a man walked by us that I recognized! It was an old friend that I havenít seen in over a year! I couldnít believe it. He stopped and chatted with us for a few minutes and told me about his recent trip to Saigon. He told me what heís been up to lately and I told him Iíd come to see him again soon to catch up more.
During dinner my wife also helped me with some thought provoking questions for a topic Iím researching. She also loved the Mai Village Restaurant and talked about coming back here for her sisterís birthday (and mine, since our birthdays are a day apart and we usually do something together with her. yay) So, no matter what else happened, it was definitely worth going out to dinner together in that location.

It always seems like once we do it, itís good. We can use that as a motivational tool. Instead of waiting to find out that it works this way once we are involved, we can think ahead and know that it will work that way and look forward to it. We can build our excitement and do it and fully enjoy it.

See the ongoing MOTIVATION LIST. This one is Number 6 on the list. If you have things that motivate you that are not on this list, please let me know. Iíll add it.

Now I have to finish my homework! I know it'll be fun once I get started on it and before I know it, It'll be time for bed!

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Vietnamese food, yum!

Posted by: RR at October 25, 2004 8:36 AM