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November 11, 2004

The Fish come in and other pieces of Pie

Tonight I知 writing a little differently. Instead of one story picked out of the events of my day, I知 writing many small pieces. Together they will form some kind of a picture. To me just living is a very beautiful thing. No matter what happens in life, I知 thankful for the brief time I知 allotted. All the pieces add up to life. We all do the best we can in life and have joys and sorrows. We all look for happiness. Sometimes we are happy and sometimes we are not. But overall Life is a beautiful gift and we are designed to live it. Go ahead, have a vision...

Index to the slices of pie:
The fish come in and other pieces of pie
The Fish come in
Learning Vocabulary
Learning Chin Falam
The loss of an hour
Leonardo da Vinci
The music I知 listening to
A gift for my brother
Visiting Thailand
The call of the trumpet
Technical Support
Love Letters
A walk in the park
A definitive slice of pie

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