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November 11, 2004

The Fish come in

Tonight my wife and daughter brought the goldfish in from the backyard pond. Wow, they are huge! Each one is about 4 inches long! When we bought them last Spring they were about the size of a nickel. There were two missing though, which I call a contribution to the neighborhood backyard buffet. Why eat cat food when you can have fresh fish? haha. The fish all have names. There is Jack, Breve, Skid and Sushi. Yes, there is a story behind those names. My wife was happy to have them inside for the winter. The pond isnít really deep enough to leave them out all winter since it will freeze solid. Even goldfish canít handle that. They look happy now swimming around our 20 gallon aquarium, even though itís a much smaller space than they are used to. We placed the aquarium in a central spot between our dining room and living room and our catís seem to like watching the fish too. They probably think itís a buffet also, but havenít figured out how to open the lid on top yet. haha.

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