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November 11, 2004

Learning Vocabulary

Why is it that some days itís easier to remember the vocabulary Iím studying and some days itís nearly impossible. Iíd like it to be easy every day, haha. Today I memorized about 20 words in about an hour, and can still recall them several hours later. Yesterday, I had trouble with half as many and could only recall them for about 15 minutes after I learned them, and I had trouble with the quiz also. Iím pretty sure there is a technical reason for this. The night before I did not get very much sleep. Last night I got enough sleep. I woke up this morning without an alarm and I felt good. See my post about memory a couple of days ago? This is worth studying more. When we talk about life and how to live a satisfying and fulfilling life, it sure helps if we are physically functioning as effectively as we can. In retrospect itís easy to see how my choices have actually been counterproductive to really living life. For instance the self-destruction of smoking cigarettes. Thatís not a practice that enhances our mental capacity and detracts from our physical well-being. Now I think about this idea: Smoking is actually cutting off the oxygen to our brains. I would never set out to cut off the oxygen to my brain. But thatís what I was doing to myself. That alone canít be good for efficient functioning of the gift weíve been given. Thatís why I quit smoking a long time ago. Haha, but tonight Iím staying up late again. The difference is, I have the day off tomorrow and can sleep in! Then Iíll study my words some more just to make sure I donít ever forget them.

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