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November 11, 2004

Visiting Thailand

Tomorrow Iím having lunch with my friend again at Sawatdee. Iím excited not only because of the good company and the good food, but also because I get to use the first Thai language phrase I learned and the new phrase I added to my vocabulary since last Sunday: Sawatdee kraíp, Hello, and Ko`rp kuhn ma^hk kraíp, Thank you very much. One thing I find interesting in Thai is their politeness and levels of formality which is indicated in one way by adding the words Kraíp or Ka^ at the end of the sentence. In Korean honor and formality is appended to nouns and verbs as suffixes and infixes. There are also honorific forms of some words. Like the word for name, i-rum and song-ham. I think as an exercise in multiple language acquisition I will try to pick up Thai in the background by learning one new phrase before each visit to a Thai restaurant and trying to use them. There is no goal in mind for being fluent, just being able to use what I can learn.

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