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November 11, 2004

A definitive slice of pie

I didn’t eat any pie, but I used this expression because life is sometimes like a pie; many pieces and oh so flavorful. And in the same manner as one song written by Paul McCartney, Flaming Pie, these posts were written in one sitting with the speed that the Beatles often worked. According to the story Paul gives in his Flaming Pie album, the name of the Beatles came from a vision that John had of a man on a flaming pie coming to them saying, “you are Beatles with an A.”
From the song that came to Paul while riding along on a horse, I say to you, “Everything I do has a simple explanation” ... “Go ahead, have a vision, I’m the man on the flaming pie.”

You are a soul with purpose and meaning and something to give to this world.

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A walk in the park
A definitive slice of pie

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