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November 13, 2004

The Unintentional Plan

Have you ever had such a perfect day that you could not have planned it any better? No matter what I planned tonight, it did not work out as I planned, but turned out even better. After work I was planning on doing work on a project. But when I got home my son had a bunch of friends over and they were all playing a game called, “Catch Phrase,” and they invited me to play. So I played one game with them. That was fun! It’s like a cross between charades and hot potato. Then I was planning on eating a bowl of leftover Chile, but my wife said she brought a frozen pizza up for me, so I threw that in and it was great. Next, I intended on getting back to my project, but my wife got called into work at the coffee shop, so I decided to go see what all the commotion was. As soon as I finished my pizza, I was having second thoughts about going, but my daughter talked me into it. She said there was a good musician playing tonight that I had wanted to hear. But I was feeling reluctant to give up that much time tonight. I took her advice though and went. But when I got there, they were just setting up and the place was extremely crowded and hot. I got a coffee and stepped outside. I saw two people I knew there, one of them I had not seen in a long time. That was cool. Then I ended up talking with the other guy for a while outside. As we were talking he brought up another band he had seen play there that used a clarinet in their music. He said they played it in a way he had never heard one played before. So we went to his apartment so I could check it out. We got into a discussion about playing music, which brought me back to my CALL OF THE TRUMPET, haha.
He plays guitar and I listened to him talk and enthusiastically explain all of his guitar paraphernalia. He was really excited about it. It kind of rubbed off on me.
I brought the CD back home with me, and never did hear the band I went to see in the first place. Instead I listened to the CD I borrowed and loved it. (Rick Risch http://www.rickrisch.com)
Then because I was inspired by my friend and his music, I pulled out my trumpet and started warming up. My daughter heard me playing ‘America” and she comes running in with her clarinet and started playing along with me. We ended up doing an impromptu jam session! That was too cool for words. Now, you must understand, I haven’t played my trumpet in at least 6 months and I never was a pro at it, and my daughter had a broken reed, so my wife was snickering a little at that scene.
I PLAYED MY TRUMPET TONIGHT!!! :-) Do you recall me talking about it on August 11th? I discovered I needed a music break tonight. I played it ‘til my lips were numb but inside I felt great!
Some days, no matter what we plan, listening to our hearts is a better plan. Two weeks from now my friend and I are planning to get together at my house for our first ever Electric Guitar / Trumpet jam session. Plug your ears!

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