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December 15, 2004

Skipping a Day

Well, it did happen finally. I skipped a day of blogging. I apologize to anyone who came here expecting a daily entry. Well, I intended on blogging and was sitting at my computer working, but 11:00 rolled into 12:00 which turned into 2:00am and my day was gone. I had to sleep so I could function today. That doesn't mean I had no spirit to share. It means that Finals are catching up to me and I had to work. Tomorrow is my final exam in Korean, which will be challenging I think. But it's all good, and I'll be done with the semester!
I skipped a day, but it was necessary. Sometimes I have to let go of some things in order to do something else. Isn't everything we do in life tied to some priority? Higher priority things get done first. It seems that if we are not doing it (like studying for finals), then it's not a high enough priority to us.
I was asked last night how we MAKE something a higher priority. "Just do it," is not a good enough answer. Many people cannot just make them selves do something they are not motivated to do. The question I think boils down to, "how do I generate the willpower and motivation when there is none?"
That's a complicated question that each of us has to answer ourselves. It can be a complex answer or an easy answer. One of the first steps in this process of finding motivation is to accept ourselves. That also helps us see what our priorities are.
I work hard and am motivated but I don't go around beating myself up over anything. If I fail at something I try to correct the problem, make ammends, change from the experience, but I don't drag myself into the mud.
I skipped a day of blogging, but I was working on something important to me. To me it's crunch time for this class, and I was helping a friend edit her paper that has to be turned in on Thursday. That was worth the time I spent on the computer last night! So my priority was on schoolwork and then on helping my friend. Then it was sleep.
Tomorrow's my final so I'll blog after that. If you have final exams this week, good luck! My thoughts are definately with you while try to remember that vocab word that got away!

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