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December 16, 2004

Itís over!

For me this has been a horrendous semester! I finished the final exam about an hour and a half ago. All I could think when I finished was, wow. Itís over. All that stress and worry and lack of sleep (doing homework late at night) has taken its toll. Now Iím relieved but also so exhausted I donít know what to think. I do know that now that itís over, I have to plan for next semester.
I already know Iím planning on taking the fourth semester of Korean, so I had better keep practicing and reviewing during the break. Thatís my strategy. Review, review, review.
Besides that there is a certain amount of freedom now to do other things. (More time!!! yay) What else will I do? Hereís my list:

Tomorrow night I plan on going out to listen to live music.
I also plan on working on that BIG project I put on hold to try to complete it before class starts again.
Build a winter snow-bicycle I can ride to and from work. The racing bike wonít cut it.
Get another exercise routine going so itís regular.
Make a few more gifts before next week.
Talk to my friends online.
Spend more time with my family.
Write more on my blog.
Set up Korean and Russian fonts to display on my blog. I know there is a simple solution to this. Iíll figure it out.
Start another blog leading up to my bike racing adventures in the Spring dedicated to cycling and the old guy, or just add a category. Not sure.
Read some books Iíve been meaning to read.
Practice my trumpet more.
Haha, add to this list and not get it all done.

And the beat goes on.

So, going back to my class and final exam. I overheard many of my classmates express their worry about how hard the exam was and how poorly they thought they would do. I really felt their agony. I was worried also until the minute I turned it in. Now itís wait and see. Iíll know the results by next week on Wednesday. If I got an A in the class Iíll be shocked but really happy. Weíll see. The main question I have for myself though is, ďWhat did I learn this Semester?Ē I learned a lot I think. But not all of it was related to Korean.

I hope all of you do well on your finals! No matter what the results, donít kill yourself. Life is too short to beat yourself up. Learn from it and move on. If it was good, then pat yourself on the back. You deserve it. I know what a struggle and balancing act it can be. Good job!!!

Have a great night. Tomorrow Iím planning on writing about a real-life Santa on Hopes, Dreams, and Childlike Faith Ė The Red suit diaries, by Ed Butchart.

Posted by carl1236 at December 16, 2004 11:08 PM | Life


Hey John,
What have you got in mind for a snow bike? Sounds like a fun project. Let me know if I can help out (since I've almost finished putting together my snow bike). Are you going with studded tires? They're not cheap (good ones are $50 apiece), but they will give you plenty of confidence on slippery ice. My advice is to get a bike with plenty of clearance to fit fat tires and fenders simultaneously. From what I hear from friends who have biked over winter fenderless, the snow and salt cause all kinds of predictable damage to your bike and clothes. Fenders minimize this, but most of the race-inspired bikes can't fit them.

Posted by: Jim at December 17, 2004 8:40 PM