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December 21, 2004

Haiku Reality Check

As Iíve been so busily studying, going to class, working, writing blog entries, working more, cycling, reading, helping other people, spending time with my friends and family, and so on, I have irresponsibly ignored a few basic things in my life. Before it was my health being ignored, but now itís some of my bills. It should not surprise me that I have a problem, but it did take me by surprise. Circumstances came up, like buying new batteries for the cars, helping my son pay 500 dollars for his college that he was short and insuring my daughters car, among other things. Bills are a challenge even when I am paying attention to them!
More specifically, somehow I did not pay my trash bill. Now I have no trash service. I suspect Iíll clear it up after Christmas, since I donít have enough money now. But itís still disturbing. I find myself caught with my pants down. Haha, it would be nice to say I have perfected the function of existing, but this proves Iím just like everyone else, trying to make it the best way I know how. I will learn from this no doubt and it will be painful. Something like a trash bill is easy to pay if itís paid right away, but when added up over several months, itís a lot of money. I donít know how I let this slide by. But I did. The trash company is not happy with me either.
So here I am like this person in the Haiku, getting a reality check. I realize that itís late, I've been wandering around, the moonlight that Iíve been following went quickly and now Iím standing far away from home in the dark. And it stinks. They stopped picking up my trash! To make matters worse, I donít have the money now to pay for it until next week. Iíve been too busy to notice some of the details in my life or think it significant enough to worry about. Now I have to walk in the dark back home, to a place where there is light and warmth. Thank God I paid my mortgage payment.

From Haiku, Seasons of Japanese Poetry,

Iíve wandered on to-night,
Till now I see the summer moon
Sink sideways out of sight.

- Bukaku

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