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December 25, 2004

Christmas Festivities

I can see why so many people get stressed out at this time of year. There are a lot of demands and expectations of people around the holidays. Families and friends plan get-togethers and expect us to be there. We go. But Iím tired. Last night I intended on writing a blog entry but I fell asleep in my chair. I read a little online and made a few comments then began to write. I think I woke up somewhere around 1:00am, started to write again, then woke up again at 5:00am, then went to bed, only to get up again at 7:00am. I did sleep, but it wasnít a very good sleep.
This morning we enjoyed a nice breakfast with my family at my sisterís house and a few friends of the family. It was very nice. At around noon we came home, got ready and went to my wifeís fatherís house for the day. We ate a lot of food and played some card games. It was fun, but I opted out of the last half hour of games and took a catnap on the couch. That felt good!
Then after dinner we came home and itís time to relax. I posted my blog entry, helped my wife make some ice cream in her new ice-cream maker. :-) So far so good. I plan on having some tomorrow night.
Tomorrow will be a busy day for all of us also. Iím going to work in the morning, for four hours, and then going right to my auntís house for a huge family gathering. Iím excited about it, because we only get together like this once per year. Iím sure it will be a late evening, so Monday Iíll be tired and have to recuperate.
I think in our case, we do this because Christmas is an excuse to get together at least once per year and catch up on whatís been happening in each otherís lives. And of course there is a lot of food involved. Everyone is expected to bring something to these gatherings. Itís all good, but many of the foods, like Christmas cookies and other sweets, are not things Iíd normally consume in large quantities.

Now itís 10:15pm and Iím going to work on my winter bike for a diversion from all of the festivities and so itís ready to go on Monday morning when I ride it to work.

Oh, I finally got a replacement lense for my 23 year old Cannon AE-1 35mm camera, so I will take some pictures this week and scan a few in for posting here. I canít wait to see how they turn out. I put that camera to a lot of use back when I first bought it. Now I have to re-learn what an aperture is and f-stop, etc. Haha. Itíll be fun.

Have a great night!

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