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December 26, 2004


Today was a long, but fun day. I got up, took my daughter to work, went to work myself, went to the store to buy a new battery for my old camera, went to my Auntís house for the family gathering, then came home. Now itís already 11:25pm and Iím writing my blog entry. Haha, time flies when we are having fun.
Now I have to think about work this week. Tuesday I have to go in early, at 6:00am because Iím teaching a class for the night shift at work. Thatís the end of the shift for them but way before I normally start work. But thatís good because I will get to leave work early Tuesday. Iíve been invited back to my Auntís house on Tuesday night for cards, so thatíll work out great! If I have a headlight by then Iím going to try to ride my bike there.
One fun thing that happened at this party tonight was the live web cam conversation with my brother in Albuquerque, NM and the rest of the family here. My Aunt has a wireless Internet connection and she had the web cam hooked up to her laptop, which they carried around the house, giving my brother a tour of my Auntís new house, and allowing him to say hi to everyone at the party. It was an interesting use of the technology and something that wasnít possible even a few years ago. This technology is so much more mainstream than it was then. I thought I was ahead of the technology curve by having a home network, but while weíve been computing by cable, newcomers to the game, like my Aunt, jump in with the newer technology and Iím stuck on the old. I may be stuck here for a while too. But it was nice for my brother and the rest of us because he could not be here this year. Travel to family gatherings is a much bigger deal when you are on the other side of the country. Now my brother stated that he almost felt like he was here.
As I was reconnecting with my relatives, many of whom I havenít seen in a few years, I thought about how lucky I am to have such a wonderful family. I love them all dearly. I know there are many families that are not so lucky and have bad memories and experiences. I canít recall any problems dealing with my relatives and have only good memories. Iím really thankful for this kind of a family. But one thing Iíve noted about my family is that almost all of them have an attitude like theyíd do anything for any of us. Itís an attitude of total acceptance and an unspoken rule that they donít think about, they just expect to be helping each other and really get into it. I think this attitude is what makes this family so great.
Now itís time for bed and another Christmas holiday is over. Iíve had a great weekend and itís back to work in the morning. Iím ready for my bike ride into work tomorrow morning and Iím looking forward to it. Tomorrow I have to figure out how to use this camera so I can take some photos of my family Tuesday night. This camera is much more complicated than I remember it from my previous lifetime so many years ago, haha. I think I might need a class or something!

Posted by carl1236 at December 26, 2004 11:47 PM | Love your Neighbor


Hey, check out National Camera Exchange for some cool classes. They seem to fill up fast, though!
Good luck with the camera! I still love my old Pentax that I got a hundred years ago, and it still works great :)
Rock hard!

Posted by: RR at December 28, 2004 8:56 AM

yeah, I bet that camera can take some great pictures of squirrels! I'll have to check out those classes. Also I think I'll have to start a log with each picture I take and what settings I used and what the light conditions were. I think that will help me get to know the camera and what to use for different situations.
Thanks for the tip RR! I'll definately check it out.

Posted by: John at December 29, 2004 1:18 AM

I used to journal my photos too; it DOES really help. It gets cumbersome, but it helps see what effects you end up with. I should be doing that again when I'm taking my squirrel pix! Have fun :)

Posted by: RR at December 29, 2004 8:56 AM