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December 31, 2004

time to dream

As the New Year approaches and the old year is ending itís a good opportunity for me to take a little time to talk about time. Iíve been thinking about this topic for a week now and havenít been able to put it into words. It seems like every time Iíve tried to write about this, I was stuck. But now that Iíve taken care of those things and the year is almost over, my mind is back to the issue of time.

This is very interesting for me because I have been living life with hardly any free time in the last year. Oh there were occasions, like when I went on vacation, but even then my time was well taken up from morning to night. Even after the Semester ended, I started filling up my available time with other things, like finishing 3 books since classes ended. All of it is by choice of course, and I have thoroughly enjoyed everything I have been doing.

I work seven days per week at two different jobs, take classes, exercise, read, study, write, meet with friends, spend time with my family and our pets, etc. Iím not saying this to say that Iím super man or anything, just to illustrate the level of involvment I have in life. Iím very active. I have also given up many things. I rarely watch TV for instance and movies only occasionally.

But after thinking about this for a while it came to me why I found this so difficult to put into words. It is because along with everything I am doing, which I donít regret at all, is something important that I have also given up. One of the important ingredients that I missed by being too active is time to dream. Over the last year I have not had time to dream. That was the missing piece of the puzzle.

This is the time we allow ourselves to dream of the future, to have hope, to think about things deeply, to make plans that may never come to fruition, to dream up new things and to create. I have realized that we need time to dream.

Since classes ended, Iíve read, Iíve written a few things, spent time with my family, started playing with my camera and drew up some architectural remodelling ideas. I started planning for my bike racing in the spring and I started setting up a Ďrealí winter bicycle. This is the time to dream.

Today as I was out riding my bike, I brought my 35mm camera with me to take some photos. I was inspired by my studies over the past few months of Leonardo da Vinci and Frank Lloyd Wright and an inspiration came to me. Combined with Jimís taking pictures of interesting things along his bicycle commuting route, I was inspired to ride my bike with my camera and take pictures of architectural details that really move me. I decided I would assemble a collage of these things that I find appealing so I could see a larger picture. What would that picture look like? This is the time to dream.

When I got home from the bike ride, I was looking at my camera and the book, then taking a few more pictures and realized that even though I was snapping pictures, the film was not advancing. I opened the back and rethreaded the film and this time watched the left-side spindle turning. ouch. Then I realized that my architectural pictures were never really taken. But thatís ok. I learned an important lesson I will not forget. Now my dream is more solidified in my brain. I can start over with purpose and determination and a log. I also found a community education class on beginning photography. I asked my wife to take it with me and she said yes. This is the time to dream.

Now itís midnight, Happy New Year and pleasant dreams. May you all have time to dream.

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