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January 7, 2005

You almost saw me

Today I rode my bike to work and a lot of people were staring at me. I was having a great time though! And it felt really good to be pumping my legs and surging through the crisp air. I could feel my heart beating and hear my breathing. The traffic around me was cautious and curious. People slowed down and looked at me as I was riding along. I was the only bike on the street and Iím sure I must have seemed a little out of place.
As I was riding in I was glad to have the knobby tires and easy handling of my Mongoose mountain bike. I just got it back from the bike shop last night. (The pedal fell off the last time I rode it and the threads were stipped inside of the crank arm) So I was excited about riding my bike. The bonus was that it was actually really nice today. Tomorrow should be warmer so I might go for another ride. It feels really good to be exercising outside. So far so good. Itía already January 7 and last year I started riding my bike on March 16th. Thatís only about 60-some days of winter left! Thatís a positive note.
Since I was in a good mood and excited about cycling in the winter, I wanted to share my enthusiasm with you by posting a photo of me and my bike. So I had a coworker take several photos with the digital camera. Unfortunately they were all blury. She must have had shakey hands or something. In any case, They looked distorted and not suitable to post. Iíll have to take some more some time. You almost saw me.

Winter biking is cool. Itís fun and it saves a ton of pollution and reduces dependancy on the automobile. Just because itís winter doesnít mean itís not possible. I was explaining to my wife tonight that even though people look at winter cyclists like they are crazy, itís not so crazy. My turning point came when I decided to look at this as not just Ďcyclingí but as a Ďwinter sport.í I know how do do winter sports. Iíve gone snow-shoeing, cross country skiing, downhill skiing, dog sledding, ice skating, and sliding. When I started to look at this as a winter sport, like any of these, my attitude changed. Cold was no longer a limiting factor because in Winter Sport, itís expected that it will be cold. In a winter sport using the proper gear nullifies the effects of the cold. Iím not biking, Iím winter-biking. Thatís the difference. Now I canít wait until it really snows, so I can experience some real winter-biking sport.
Although Iíd better get my studded tires ready for that day. But sadly there is only about two months left of winter. Time flies when we are having fun. If you saw me riding my bike today, you would have felt my enthusiasm. Instead of looking at a winter-biker like they are crazy, think about the pleasure that person is really experiencing. Just like down-hill skiing or snow-boarding. This is fun stuff! If you've ever felt this feeling, then you did see me!

Posted by carl1236 at January 7, 2005 11:58 PM | Winter-Biking


I'm afraid to have pictures of myself on my site because I'm worried that people will regard my blog differently once they know how incredibly attractive I am. Don't you worry about that John?

Posted by: Jim at January 8, 2005 4:16 PM

It's possible that people would look at it differently because our society is so well trained at judging people by their appearances. Haha, about the good looks, well, beauty is in the eye of the beholder isn't it? Depends on what what people are looking for.
Hey are you interested in seeing ice-bike racing? Coming up soon is the 3rd Annual Ice Criterium Championship Race Series on January 23rd in Bloomington on Bush Lake. I plan on being there. If I can get studded tires by then I might try racing that one. I plan on being there anyway, to take pictures.

Posted by: John at January 8, 2005 11:16 PM