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January 20, 2005

Studded Tires and a New Blogging Friend

Tonight I met Dan at the studded tire making class. Dan is a daily bike commuter and he writes a blog. It was interesting to chat with him and talk about both hobbies. I checked out his blog tonight and found some interesting things. If you are a UofM student, you'll like the references to places on or near the campus. Dan's a grad student at the U.
His blog is called BASIC STUPIDITY

Well, I didn't finish making my studded tires tonight because I put the studs too close together. After putting in 100 screws I ran out of screws and was only 3/4 of the way around the tire. That took about an hour to do. I plan on doing two tires before Sunday's bike race on ice. So that is what I'll be doing tomorrow night. Making studded tires. But it's not difficult to do and once you see it done and try it, it's easy. I'm sure experience will tell what works best for spacing and length of the studs, so if these don't work, I have the technology to make more. Seriously, almost anyone could make these for their bike.

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