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January 21, 2005

Events as they unfold

All things do not go as planned. It might seem predictable what I will be talking about. Itís the talk of the town already. The wonderful winter wonderland we live in just became more wonderful and interesting. Jim already hit a lot of the key points that I also experienced about bicycling home in this snow, so I wonít repeat that part. See Jim's awesome description of this adventure. Iíll just say that I got one of the greatest workouts of my life. And I didnít even have my studded tires on yet. That was interesting. Like a controlled slide when going downhill and pushing my bike while trudging through the snow while going uphill. Since my route home is mostly uphill I walked a lot. One person yelled out to me, ďyou gotta put skis on that thing!Ē I laughed loudly and gave them the thumbs up and kept sweating my way along the sidewalk, pushing my bike. Interesting idea though. I saw a bike like this in a book about Minnesota winters. They had big spiked tires in the rear and a ski on the front and they used to race them on the ice and snow. I don't really know how well it would actually work though. That sounds like a test for sometime in the future if I would even go there. It's interesting to imagine though.
I am totally happy this snowfall happened. It may sound crazy, but I got a good workout, and I learned what a bike without studded tires could really handle. It is experience! I rode to work just fine this morning and it was a beautiful ride. Coming home I got an experience I will not forget soon.
Then tonight I went straight to my daughterís workplace to drive her car home for her. She drove over an hour to get to work, for what should have been a twenty-minute drive. But she made it, and Iím proud of her for handling the rough conditions without getting stuck or in an accident. Getting her car home was a different story though. I barely made it, and then got stuck in our own driveway. I got another good workout! If I keep this up Iíll be Mr. Universe for a day. I donít think I have to go running tonight. Our driveway is about 50 feet long with a hill. I shoveled the whole thing and put kitty litter down, moved the cars from the street to the driveway, with help from my wife, who drove while I pushed, then made it into the house by 10:00pm. whew! This was a long, interesting, exciting day. Itís a beautiful thing to appreciate and enjoy weather like this.
I had other intentions tonight than doing all of this, but circumstances changed my plans. I was going to go to the hardware store to get more screws and finish my studded tires, but I didnít want to drive any more than I had to. And it became too late by the time I was done with my workout. ;-) So I adapt. I accept and love what I am doing. I am exhilarated by the exercise and the ability to enjoy the weather. Sometimes events as they unfold can be stressful and upsetting, but much of our suffering or joy is dependant on how we perceive things. Happiness at any given moment is dependant on our attitude toward the moment. If we are crying about the loss of our expected plans, we are not able to fully be in this moment and experience it. Sometimes events unfold and we have a choice about how to perceive them and react to them. Enjoy the snow and be safe. It'll start melting next week after it warms up.

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Your stories always inspire me. And to make my first comment to you...I truly support the "here and now" philosophy, although I am constantly challenged to put it into practice - janni

Posted by: janni at January 22, 2005 8:41 PM

Thanks Janni, I appreciate your comments! Sometimes like tonight, I have flashes of doubt. It's late and I'm working on studded tires to try my first-ever bike race, on ice. So, it's a challenge for me sometimes, but like tonight, I'm just going to enjoy making these tires and getting them done. One step at a time. I've already told myself that if I'm too tired to race, then I'll just go and take pictures. Then I'll know what it's like to prepare for next year. But to live in this moment I have to be willing to let go of the worry about tomorrow. I know worry doesn't do me any good right now, so I refocus on what I'm doing. It's still hard for me sometimes, because I really wanted to do this, but now face the reality that I might not be ready for this. It's easy to dwell on thoughts like that. So I have to keep bringing myself back to getting my tires done. I am doing a good job of it too. These tires look wicked. We'll see if they work as tough as they look! haha.
Thanks again for the comment and thanks for reading.

Posted by: John at January 23, 2005 1:03 AM

You know how it goes - "if you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, you do 'good'". That seemed to be my mantra when the kids wanted to roll out of bed just in time to make the bus for school. The old 'put yourself together and you'll feel better about facing the day' is something I strive for but don't always succeed. You know, morning readings, exercise, time aside for focus. We all try, don't we. So my point is......."If you look wicked, perhaps you'll perform wicked". I can't even imagine what that armored bike looks like. You'll have to post a picture for those of us who don't live in those kinds of elements.
So...whether you race or not, a new learning will take place, and that's the big bonus. I will anxiously await the update.

Posted by: janni at January 23, 2005 8:54 AM

Greetings from a fellow winter cyclist.
Plenty of fine advise on your bike blog.
Save the kitty litter for the cat - try bird seed for traction after shovelling snow.

Posted by: martina at February 22, 2006 2:06 AM

Greetings from a fellow winter cyclist.
Plenty of fine advise on your bike blog.
Save the kitty litter for the cat - try bird seed for traction after shovelling snow.

Posted by: martina at February 22, 2006 2:07 AM

Thanks Martina! Nice site also for you Edmonton Bicycle Commuters group! check out our Minnesota Bicycle and Pedestrian Alliance / Sibley Bike Depot site. I'm the new President of our non-profit bike organization this year! So I'm always happy to read about other organizations that do similar things. I actually gleaned a few tips and ideas from your organization already! Thanks! Keep biking!

Posted by: John at February 22, 2006 9:57 PM