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February 9, 2005

Something really cool happening

Riding my bike yesterday morning in the 20-degree weather I didnít expect anything but the usual cars and buses and people walking all bundled up. But as I entered downtown, I saw a bike messenger zipping by going to my left. We made eye contact as their head whipped around to look at me. I donít think that that person expected to see another cyclist out there on the streets either. Letís face it, itís February, and itís only 20 degrees outside. There are probably not going to be many people out riding their bicycles. But there are a few. Last night going home, I saw three people on bicycles. Well, almost saw. I couldnít see their faces because they all had on some kind of mask to protect their faces from the cold. Though none of us pulled over and struck up a conversation, we all made eye contact, as if checking each other out and acknowledging something very cool. There is a kind of recognition of what we discovered.

Everyone at work knows that I bike to work now. (EVEN now, as they are thinking!) Itís encouraging to me that just doing my own thing, Iíve already inspired some of my coworkers. Yesterday someone I have never talked to before told me on the elevator that they were going to start riding their bike to work once a week when Spring comes.

I am even thinking about Spring differently now. I donít know what it is. Iím not dreading winter and thinking Iíd rather be somewhere else. Iím not anticipating getting out of the cold and into the warmer weather. Iím just enjoying it in a way I have never done before. Itís strange and almost unreal. Like meeting another cyclist when itís 20 degrees outside. I can just acknowledge it as something really cool happening.

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