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February 16, 2005

Im gonna run to you!

Im gonna run to you
Oh when the feelings right
Im gonna run all night
Im gonna run to you"

Inspired by this blog entry on RUNNING ERRANDS and my January 24th post RUNNING OUT FOR DINNER , I decided to Run to my wife at lunch time. I ran 6.2 miles and as a reward I got a kiss and two chocolate chip cookies! How sweet. When I got back to my desk, every muscle in my body was exhausted. It was the longest run so far since I started running this year, but I did not die and actually felt ok.
Going across the bridge was really windy and cold, and my face got cold but other than that, I was warm from the exertion. When I got to my wifes workplace, I was tempted to hop on the bus and ride that back to my office, but I resisted, thinking that I will never improve if I give up so easily. So I ran back, and it was ok. Im glad I did. But that dang Brian Adams song was playing in my head the whole time I was running. I had to laugh at that. My wife laughed too and told me I was crazy. But later she told me, good for you!

Now Im off to another adventure (that I discovered while running!)

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