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February 20, 2005

Journal Topic

Tonight when I was working on my blog entry, my daughter gave me a slip of paper for her previous Journaling assignment and told me that if I ever get stuck I could use some of these ideas to help me think of something. Actually the reason I was working on my blog entry for over an hour and a half tonight was because my computer kept crashing on me and I had to restart and start typing all over again when I lost everything. But once she gave me that piece of paper, I changed my mind about what to write about and decided to use one of these topics.
The directions said to use a 4 to 6 sentence paragraph to respond to one of these topics. Ok, Iíve already surpassed that explaining what Iím doing, haha. But Iíll try.

1. Are you like noon or midnight? How so?

Iím like midnight because I am often awake and trying to post my blog entry at midnight. Also, I like the solitude and peacefulness of this time of night for working on things that require concentration. I have often stayed up all night working on a project, reading, painting or writing. Midnight is the turning point for a new day while noon is the halfway point. In regards to my age, I donít feel like Iím half way through life, I feel like I am just beginning to live.

Thatís good, 5 sentences. But Iím glad I did not choose this topic:

2. How much money do you think your autograph will be worth 50 years from now? Why?

If I said it would be worth a lot, Iíd be pretentious and if I said it wouldnít be worth anything, Iíd be self-deprecating. 50 years from now Iíll be 92 years old. If Iím still alive I hope that I will be like ďThe LegendĒ John Sinibaldi who at age 90 was riding 150 miles per week on his bicycle. I donít know if he signs autographs, but I heard that people have asked him to have their pictures taken with him and that some people had T-shirts made that said, ďI rode with the Legend.Ē If my autograph has some value at that age, Iíll print some cool T-shirts that say something like, ďI was inspired by this really old guyís attitudeĒ and give them away to people I lead on bike tours. If Iím not alive at age 92, then my autograph value wonít matter to me.

Wow, look at that, six sentences. I like the idea of economy of words. If I canít say it in 4 to 6 sentences Iím probably long winded. I think this is a good exercise for me to try in future blog entries and itís good writing practice.

Tomorrow you get to hear about what I was originally writing about today. Monday is Presidentís Day and I have that as a Holiday so Iím not working. I think a bike ride through the park in the snow is in order, with studded tires of course. ;-)

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