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March 3, 2005

What's it like to be in a parade?

Here is another one of my daughter's Journal Topics. It's really interesting to write something on a topic of someone else's choosing within 6 sentences. It also is an interesting way to get ourselves to think about who we are and what we believe.

Iíve been in parades before and one sensation is that itís a lot of walking and standing around on your feet and by the end of it your feet ache. Another sensation is that you canít really see individuals in the crowd when you are concentrating on doing what you are doing and the crowd is so thick itís easier to just see a mass of people and not any one person. Another thought is that not one of those people sees my daily life, well, except for my family who is there somewhere watching and may get my attention by yelling or jumping out of the crowd. Otherwise, being in a parade is like having strangers look at your photo album and imagine and wonder at what itís like to be in those pictures. The pictures go by and the pages turn and the parade is over and they go home and they never did get to know the people in the parade; And I never did get to know the people who came to look.

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