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April 29, 2005

Long Ride Recovery

Tonight after work I rode with Dan to County Cycles in Roseville. I bought a few things I needed while Dan signed up with the Gopher Wheelmen bike racing club. After that we continued up to County Road E, then headed west to West River Road. Dan went North to his house, and I rode down to Lake Street, across the bridge to East River Road, then to Summit, down the Ramsey hill and back into downtown St. Paul. 31 miles. Added to my 5 mile commute I had a 36 mile day and it felt pretty good. All day today I was weak and tired but I ate 3 times today, plus had a cliff bar 1/2 hour before the ride. The ride was also not quite as fast as my previous ride, but still a good pace. Now I think I'm recovered from sunday's ride! It's only 5 days later!

Don't forget tomorrow is the Twin Cities Bike Club Swap meet. It's a place where members sell and trade their bikes, gear and anything cycling related. There will be thousands of people there. If you need anything bike related, this is one of the greatest events to go to.
Also, tomorrow night I'm going to be a movie star! haha. My daughter has a video production class and is doing her project on cycling. After the swap meet we are going out to do the shoot. haha. I can't wait to see what she does with it! The last video she did had me laughing. It was really good and comedic.
You probably won't be able to see this one in the theatres near you. But it will be well produced I think. Of course I might be biased about the producer. haha.

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