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May 15, 2005

Numb Lips

Today I was at church and heard a song on a flute that sounded really cool. I thought it would sound good on my trumpet also, so after the service I talked to the music director and found out what the song was. She gave me a copy of the sheet music they use in the music program and I brought it home to try out on my trumpet. It was like that song, ďIt was the summer of 69...I bought my first real six string...played it til my fingers bled..Ē except it was today and I played a trumpet until my lips were numb. It was fun though, and I was right, this song did sound good on my trumpet! What felt really good though was the spontaneous rekindling of my love for playing music. I actually got out my trumpet after a long break, oiled it up and played.
I like the image of trumpet playing as a model of how to treat others with love and compassion. Like trumpet playing, we have to build up our strength to be able to do more, play longer and hit those high notes. When we first start practicing we are not conditioned to it and we have little stamina to keep playing. Today my lips got to a point where I just couldnít play the note anymore. But the more we do something the easier it gets. Thatís kind of the idea behind the Ďpractice random acts of kindnessí philosophy. If we do one random act of kindness each day, then it becomes habit and easier to do. After a while our fingers donít bleed anymore and our lips donít get numb. And itís beautiful music.

Posted by carl1236 at May 15, 2005 10:47 PM | Love your Neighbor