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May 16, 2005

Miscellaneous ramblings

Today it rained again during our Beginning Racing Program class, but this time I had a new rain jacket and I covered my shoes with plastic newspaper bags. Several people commented on my baggies but they worked fairly well and were free! They ended class early because of the rain. Ive been riding in the rain every day since last week on Monday. How about that? That also means Ive been spending a lot of time cleaning and lubing my bike. Oh boy.

Yesterday I spent several hours working on my 1960s Armstrong British-made bike. I was still removing stickers! What a pain! Now Im basically out of time. Ill have to work on it Wednesday, Thursday and Friday night.

Tomorrow night is the wheel-building class at the Sibley Bike Depot. Im looking forward to that and I hope it gives me more confidence in fixing and building wheels. It seems weve been getting a lot of wrecked bikes in as donations and mainly the only thing that is beyond repair is the wheels and maybe the fork like the one I saw today. So the skill will come in handy right away.

I heard some disturbing news today, that the president of a certain non-profit organization blew his top on Saturday at a volunteer and started throwing things around, and he did it in front of a couple customers who turned around and left. He also reportedly threatened them that he was going to open another shop for sure now and close this one down. I dont care who you are, position doesnt give anyone the right to treat another human being like crap. It truly shows his contempt and lack of respect for these other human beings.

Last night at our discussion group several of the people mentioned a book they were reading. Evidently they belong to a book reading and discussion group also. I was curious about it and the host of this meeting went into his office room and brought a stack of about 6 books that they had read and discussed since last Fall. I looked at the titles and authors and they all seemed interesting. Ive even read other books by some of these same authors. The way they described their meetings and discussions, it sounded like a lot of fun to me. I thought it was a cool idea so I might try this sometime.

I just read the 2005 Briefing on Gambling by the Joint Religious Legislative Coalition (JRLC), made up of the Jewish Community Relations Council, The Minnesota Catholic Conference, The Minnesota Council of Churches and the Islamic Center of Minnesota. Their official position is: JRLC opposes state authorization of casino gambling or other new forms of gambling and we oppose the state increasing its reliance on gambling revenue.
I assume that these organizations represent the majority of the population in Minnesota, since I think this is a fairly religious state. Im also guessing on this statement, but I think that many of the proponents of state-sponsored gambling, like the Governor, legislators, track owners, mall developers, bar owners, and others promoting gambling schemes are members of one of the churches that are represented by the JRLC. It seems to me that all of these religious organizations are wrong or there are a lot of hypocrites going to church on Sundays, hearing the message of oppose state authorization of casinos because it will create more addicted gamblers, cost millions of dollars of social costs, ruin thousands of families, and corrupt our state. and then go out the doors and do just what they were told not to do. I wonder if the church Pawlenty goes to is part of this coalition. I wonder how he justifies it to his priest or pastor who is lobbying against him. I wonder if they care as long as he keeps donating money to the church.
I like one quote from this 2005 Briefing on Gambling, which says, What do we teach our children when our state government authorizes, operates, promotes, and advertises gambling as a way to get ahead?

I played my trumpet again tonight for about 15 minutes trying to get the timing right on that song I got yesterday. I can read and play the notes, but thats where I really need practice!

Today at work we got a free fitness stretchy-band if we signed up for a 10-week upper-body muscle development program. We have to track do a set of exercises using this band 3 times per week, log it in for 10 weeks and then turn in the form for a prize drawing. Three of us in my workgroup are going to do them together at work on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. That should be fun. Well see what these simple exercises will do in 10 weeks.

Yesterday I bought some Fair-Trade Coffee and Green Tea. Tonight I tried the green tea and it was good. I also read about the Fair-Trade thing and like it.

Im going to go to lunch with my friend tomorrow and have Vietnamese Pho. I love that! That will hit the spot and warm me up after a week of getting wet every day.

Tomorrow is another day.

Posted by carl1236 at May 16, 2005 10:49 PM | Life


Please tell me you're not talking about Andrew...

Posted by: nathan at May 17, 2005 3:41 PM

Nathan, we seem to be having a good discussion here about this non-profit organization. You are right about the person, although I think it's dangerous to write like I did without first-hand experience and without talking to him about what happened. As reported by the other people around at the time though, he still has no good justification for treating other human beings that way. Terry and Bill put in huge amounts of time and do a lot of work on bikes there. I think that deserves a lot of consideration.

Posted by: John at May 17, 2005 4:09 PM