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May 24, 2005

The Illusion of A to B

In the big picture of what we call life, what are we in such a hurry for? We all seem to be trying to get somewhere, whether that's a physical place or a certain job or title or status. Point A to Point B, Point A to Point B, Point A to Point B. Billy Joel sang out, "Slow down you crazy child, you're too ambitious for a juvenile!" And where are we when we get from point A to Point B? And who's Point A and Point B are we travelling through? And what's with this need for speed to get to where we are going? And what do we miss by zooming around to get somewhere as fast as we can?
This weekend I went on a bicycling event unlike any other I've been on. The greatest part of the event wasn't the 3-Speed bikes we rode or the ride from Point A to Point B, Point A to Point B, Point A to Point B. Even though we did have a tour book and a map, it wasn't the destinations that mattered. The woman riding next to me talking about her children and me talking about mine, and the bicycling author that's sending me informaton on his books talking about his cycling adventures across the country, mattered. The illusion is that we have to get somewhere or be someone special to make the journey worthwhile.

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