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June 5, 2005

Grand Old Days Parade

I was there. In the parade! Haha. It's so wierd. I and a few other people from Sibley Bike Depot were there riding our bikes. We had three small kids trailers with us that were using to carry a few little kids bikes. We gave the kids bikes away. On the other 'truss' trailer we had an old light-blue 3 Speed bike standing up. I was riding my red Armstrong 3 speed. We zig-zagged and rode around each other throughout the parade. It was fun. We handed out a lot of brochures and talked to people along the way.
One guy stopped me and told me about his wife's Armstrong bike. That was fun.
There were several great moments during this parade. The first one came when I took a photo of Maria with the vulcan "V" smudge on her face. She was a good sport and laughing. All of the volunteers did a great job there today and we had a good time. The second highlight came when I invited a man on a very distinctive Trike with canopy to ride with us. I just saw him sitting there by the side watching the parade, and knew I had to go over to him. I asked him if he wanted to ride in the parade with our group. He grinned from ear to ear and said yes. To my surprise, no less than 10 or so people yelled out at him from the crowd as we passed. All up and down Grand Avenue, these people knew this man. After the parade I thanked him again for riding with us. then he went on his way. Also it was unbelievable that I ran into Mike Hazzard, who produces some really awesome documentary videos. He was there taking photos of my new friend for a video about "Mr. Positive."
The last highlight was hanging out at the coffee shop next to the bike shop with 4 homeless people chatting and sipping on an iced mocha.

So now I'm exhausted and going to bed. Time flies when you are having fun, huh?

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