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June 7, 2005


Last night I slept nine and a half hours! I felt so good today that getting motivated for a run wasnít even a problem. And I had a great 3-mile run! Tonight is a rest night and tomorrow Iíll be riding a 4.5 mile time trial at : http://www.minnbikefestival.com

Tomorrow at lunch Iíll be walking down there to watch the pros do their time trials. The winners of this initial stage of the five-stage Nature Valley Grand Prix race will probably be riding about an average speed of 30 miles per hour. My goal is 23mph, which would be one mph faster than my first time trial. Iím not doing the rest of the series because I donít qualify, not being a professional or elite amateur. My first ever road race is in a few weeks at Dakota Technical College.

Tonight then will be quiet around my house. Iím planning on going to bed early, reading until I fall asleep, getting up at a normal time, riding to work and eating enough food to fuel me on to a faster time. Thatís my plan and Iím sticking to it! ;-)

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