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June 8, 2005


Tonight I rode in the Great River Energy St. Paul Time Trial. It was painful but good. I didn't reach my goal, but did about the same as the Lilllydale Time Trial. But I already knew that I've been slacking for the past month on training. This ride was a victory for me because I got in that zone where I was at my maximum performance. I was breathing hard and my legs hurt and kept going. I love time trials now because of the nature of the race. It's all individual. Each person is out there by themselves with no team tactics, no drafting, no breakaways. Just the body, the bike, the road, the mental games. One of the mental games I faced in this time trial was, "you don't have to push harder, it's just for fun anyway, you don't have anything to prove." Well, those thoughts are true, but don't help me push my limits. I responded by pushing harder, because I knew those thoughts were a sign that I was not at my limit yet.

Tonight I was really happy to see that almost the entire tear-down/cleanup crew were guys from the Sibley Bike Depot. There were about ten or so volunteers tearing down metal fences, podiums, starting ramp, tents and street baricades. It was fun work with a good crew of people to work with. And the cleanup didn't take too long so I was home before it got dark.

Another exhausting day in my training plan. Tomorrow I will be going for a long bike ride with the SPBRC after work. That means I get to eat a lot of food and drink a lot of water tomorrow also.

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