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June 15, 2005

Road Art

Over the past year as Iíve been riding my bicycle Iíve seen all kinds of things in the road. My friend Dan calls it ďRoad ArtĒ and has a display shelf at work where he proudly shows off his collection. Iíve added a few pieces to it that Iíve discovered in my path.
Many strange things have been found such as pennies, quarters, forks, spoons, knives, toys, nuts and bolts, car parts, employee ID badges, and various other strange and odd wonders. A few weeks ago I found a book and tonight as I was riding home I found another one. This one is a Childrenís Level 3 Ė Reading Alone Dorling Kindersley Readers book. These books are designed to help kids ďlearn to read then read to learn.Ē This book was titled, ďSpacebusters, the race to the moon,Ē by Philip Wilkinson. It was actually quite informative and interesting. It talked about our first trip to the moon. One thing that struck me was that these astronauts had a 50-50 chance of coming back alive. If anything went wrong during any stage of their mission they might not have come back alive. For instance when they were landing on the moon they couldnít find a clear, safe landing spot so they had to expend a lot more fuel to find and navigate to one. If they spent too much they wouldnít be able to rendezvous with the control module again. But they made it. When they were ready to leave the moon they had to fly up and meet the control module and dock with it. If they didnít fly the craft just right, they could have missed it and be left stranded in space. They were also afraid of the moon dust igniting when it came into contact with the oxygen in the spacecraft. It was all over the astronauts suits from their walk on the planet. They could have exploded in space, but it didnít happen.

Nothing I do during my life carries with it a 50-50 chance of coming back alive. So I have some respect for the people who took that risk and am thankful that Iím not in a position that requires me to do so. Today Iím particularly thrilled to be picking up road art, especially when It makes me think and I learn from it.

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