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June 21, 2005

Meeting Mary Behind Bars

Tonight after work I rode with Dan from St. Paul along Shepard Road to 35E, across the bridge, down 13 to 494, across the bridge, past the airport, through Ft. Snelling, up West River Road to Broadway, where I turned and crossed the river again. I was on my way indirectly to Behind Bars Bicycle Shop. By the time I got home tonight I had ridden 42 miles, the last few feeling like I had a pocket full of kryptonite.
It was perfect timing to check out this excellent bike shop. The owner, Chuck Cowan was there working on bikes and helping customers. He's a great guy and very knowledgeable about bikes. The bike shop was clean and organized and had some really cool bikes that were under 1000 dollars. He even sells new single-speed, fixed-gear bikes and builds them up from old frames. Instead of building my own, I might just buy one of his.
While I was there a lady came in to get her bike serviced and asked Chuck if he knew of any bike scrap yards that she could get bikes for free for a float she was making for a parade. She didn't need whole bikes, just parts to use here and there on the float. I happened to be standing right there and he directed her to me. It was an opportune moment that comes along only when all the stars align and we get a crazy idea to go visit a bike shop that we heard about on a message board, all the way across town. I was able to help this woman with her bike scraps. She's even going to bring it all back for recycling when the parade is over.
Before leaving the bike shop I bought a really nice Planet Bike brt-7, 7-LED wide-view tall blinky light for the back of my bike. The face of my old one fell off and broke when I hit a pothole last week. This one is cool! It has two LED's pointed to each side and three up the middle. I like night-time visibility.
Overall I give this bike shop 3 thumbs up. Two thumbs up for Chuck's personable nature and excellent bike shop and one for the magic moment of meeting Mary, the bicycle-float builder.

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