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July 2, 2005

Too many fun things in one day

Today was a great day. I rode with the TCBC on their "Morning Glory Ride." It was a really nice 41 mile ride. We were supposed to stop at the Morning Glory bakery/cafe but it was closed. Too bad. But the people were nice and it was a beautiful route and I got a good workout in.
After returning home I watched the first stage of the Tour de France, which I had taped so I wouldn't miss it. It was interesting. But it almost brought tears to my eyes when Lance Armstrong caught and passed Jan Ulrich. It was a time trial and they started each rider one minute apart. That had to be demoralizing for Jan. Lance came in second overall, only 2 seconds behind the leader. This sends a message to the competitors I think that Lance showed up and is in good form.
Then I mowed the lawn, took a nap, rode to the grocery store on my bike to pick up some stuff to grill for dinner, worked out in the yard more and then ate. We had company come over for a couple of hours to sit on the patio and talk so that was really fun! Now I have to get to bed so I can join Jim's Sunday morning ride and eat a Cuban breakfast!
Oh, I thought this was funny: earlier in the day my daughter was driving to the gas station close to our house because she knew it was low. But she ran out of gas and called me. I rode over there with a gas can on my bike and put a gallon in. Bicycle Rescues Car. How cool is that.

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