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August 3, 2005

Morning Schmorning!

Well, last night I was in bed by about 9:08pm. I was not tired at all, so I read until about 9:40pm. Then I tried to sleep. My wife came to bed at 10pm and woke me up. My daughter came home later and it woke me up. Then in the wee hours of the night my daughter decided she wanted to clean and was looking for something, making noise. I woke up again. I was sleeping very lightly. The alarm clock went off at 5am and I was exhausted. I hit the snooze and woke up again at regular intervals until 6am. I was experiencing various states of dillusion until finally shaking it at about 6:10am. Now what? I intended on being at work by 7 this morning. Do I give up my training ride for the morning? Ah, if only I was a morning person who loves mornings. Now all I want is a cup of coffee. haha.
Still, here I am, three days into my makeover and I'm up by about six. I've heard that '30 days makes a habit.' I wish my fitness training was really a habit also. Change. Force change? Desire to change? Lasting change? I look back on my life and reflect on what I've really been able to change and what I haven't. It's interesting. We must first believe that change is possible.

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