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August 3, 2005

How do I do that?!!

Changing into a morning person is a complicated process. How do I get to bed early when I don't get home until 10:00pm and I'm covered in sweat, panting from riding uphill? Now I replenish fluids, rinse off in the shower and get to bed by 11pm. Wow, 5am is going to come really early and Thursday is going to be a tiring day after exercising. :-( Early mornings rock don't they? Well, maybe for now I should be happy with being a night person one day per week on Wednesday nights. Change is a process that requires discipline and time. Dave told me today that it will take me a year to change my internal clock. I am now wide awake, ready to go for another few hours at least, but I'm going to bed. A process that requires time. Be patient, have discipline.

This morning I didn't get a workout in so I went running at lunch. It was extremely hot, but I felt really good! If you remember when I started running in January, I was struggling to run a mile. It hurt, and my body complained. I had a hard time breathing. But recently I've been enjoying running. I think once I broke the 5-mile distance, running became fun again. That's a great distance to run and leaves me "blissfully tired," as another blogger described this feeling. It's a good kind of tired, like "Wow, I did that and feel like I'm on top of the world!"

To keep the rhythm going, I'm still setting my alarm clock for 5am and doing my exercise in the morning. 30 days from now I'll be a changed man, or in the PROCESS of changing. ;-)

Sweet dreams.

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