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August 6, 2005

Friday Night at the BoBo Club

Last night after work I decided to ride by the bike shop to see if Dave was still around and there was a group of people hanging out so I stayed and chatted for a while. It was interesting because after the bike shop people left I sat and drank a beer with a few guys without houses at the BoBo Club next door. It's an interesting nightclub with live music and other shows. They have a nice outdoor deck where you can hang out. I talked for a while and then saw some other people I know and then talked to them for a while. Bill, the woodworker extraordinaire was there so we talked. I had another beer. Pretty soon I was hungry so I ate some Nachos, thinking I'd go home for dinner still. But I didn't. One thing led to another and it was 11:30 or so. Bill finally announced that he was going to bed. I did not even realize it was so late. I remember thinking as I was riding home that this was going to be rough getting up early in the morning. But this morning at 5:35am I woke up. I'm not counting this as a real change yet. It's a good sign though. It's only been a week and now I'm beginning to wake up without my alarm clock, which I had set for 5am all week, but this morning set for 7am. So I got up and ate breakfast and read. Now I'm going to the coffee shop to hang out before going to replace my freewheel cluster and chain and repair my bottom bracket. The shop won't be open 'til 10:30 so I get a chance to read the paper this morning too! Wow. How cool is that!? Ch-ch-ch-changin...turn to face the change. The change is going to happen and I'm embracing it.

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