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August 8, 2005

The Others


This morning I got up early again and for some reason my daughter was up already watching a movie. She had "The Others," with Nicole Kidman. It's a story about Ghosts haunting a house, but with a twist. The whole movie is focused on a mother and her children who are living in an English mansion. Her husband had gone off to fight in WWII against the Nazi's. Then her housekeepers just up and vanished so she called to get another housekeeper and an older couple and their daughter showed up at the door one day. But they had a special reason for being there. They were there to help this woman and her children realize the truth about their lives. Wierd things began happening in the house and the mother and children began seeing a 'ghost' family. That's where it gets interesting. There is a huge twist in the plot and we discover that the mother, her two children and the housekeeper family are all the real ghosts and the 'ghosts' they saw were a flesh-and-blood family that had moved into the house. That family left the house because the wife couldn't stand the thought of living in a haunted house. Then the real 'ghost' family decided that they were going to continue haunting their house because they didn't really have a choice. They couldn't leave but the difference now was that they understood who they were and that they were not in the physical world as they knew it. The mother remembered then that she was the one that had smothered her children and then shot herself in the head with a shotgun, and that's what got them into this predicament. At the end she made amends with her children and they all lived happily ever after in the ghost world, prisoners of their house and yard with a thick fog surround them. They vowed that this would always be their house, possessing it until some unspecified time in the future. In the end the mother also admitted to the daughter that she really didn't know anything about her religion while she was living. I guess from that point on, they knew that they were ghosts. But then what? What happened to their Hail-Mary's and Lord's Prayers'? Maybe it wasn't "What" they believed in that was screwed up, but "How" they believed in it. But from their point of view, it didn't matter, because what they knew during their physical life no longer seemed valid. I don't know about them, but I would have felt ripped off, deceived.
Often when our lives seem so real and right, it's not always the truth. Sometimes we are living in denial. We get gentle prompts from friends, relatives, co-workers or other acquaintences that something is not right. The truth in the case of these ghosts brought them peace while they were stuck in their limbo. The truth in our lives can also bring us peace. For instance, when we are addicted to drugs, alcohol or have depression, we often are in denial until some traumatic experience shakes us up and makes us realize we were lying to ourselves. After we realize it, we can move forward and deal with it, no longer afraid to face it.
There have been several similar themes in movies, like the Matrix and Sixth Sense.
It's a brave new world when we start to become aware of our true lives and FEAR no longer covers our eyes. What do we have to be afraid of? Being dead?

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