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August 10, 2005

Plog #1 - Wednesday, August 10, 2005

This morning I was getting ready to go while my wife was at work. I had some laundry to do (last minute packing panic) and I had to pack up my clothes and other things that she couldnít find the night before, like some of the camping gear.
It was kind of a downer because we are short on cash this month and this morning we almost decided not to go. We have another, more expensive vacation coming up in a couple weeks. We already paid for the bike ride this weekend on the Mesabi Trail http://www.mesabitrail.com and we already had the groceries bought, but gas is so expensive and we had not yet paid for the campsites. We knew we would have to pay a cancellation fee. In the end we would not have had to pay that cancellation fee, as Iíll explain in a minute. But we would have lost the money on the bike ride, which was 75 dollars for our family. The proceeds went to help public radio. Anyway, after checking our bank account I went to the coffee shop to discuss our options with my wife. She wasnít very happy. I went back home to think about our options. Skipping the family vacation in a couple of weeks is not a good option, considering we already paid for half of the cottage rental. Itís no fun losing money deposited, but even less fun not having the money to pay for even more expenses.
So I transferred 170 dollars from our savings into our checking. I cashed in our piggy bank for another 38 dollars. Our daughter loaned us 30 dollars, and I returned a sleeping bag we did not need to Kmart for 17 dollars. We determined that would be enough to do the camping trip so I continued packing. This made me remember why we put money into a savings in the first place. Itís nice to have a buffer for emergencies. A long time ago we were told to do this to help manage our bills. A small savings acts like a buffer for bills also, when the dryer goes out or when the fridge stops working or the heating bills are incredibly high for the month.
We arrived in Gilbert at about 7:30pm and went to check in. They did not have our reservation and told us they were booked up for the weekend! They had changed the email address on their website but the old email messages got lost. He looked us up in the computer and discovered that we were Ďregularsí and this was our third year coming in August. So he gave us a tent site for two nights, the same site that we stayed in for the past 2 years. We love site 38 because it has a spectacular view of Lake Ore-be-gone and has a few trees for a little more privacy. Then on Friday night we are moving to an RV site because one RV family is leaving early because of a death in their family. We paid the 28 dollars for Wednesday and Thursday nightsí tent camping and then pay the rest when we move to the other site. I canít help but see the miracle in how this all happened. My wife gets paid on Monday so paying the second half of our bill at check-out was perfect.
This gave my wife and I a lot to talk about on the drive up there. We do need to plan further ahead and be more responsible with managing our money. Itís a constant theme in life and something we can continuously work on.
We set up our tent, filled up our air mattress and had a late dinner but no campfire, because we were exhausted. We were just happy to be there and have a place to stay.

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