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August 14, 2005

Plog #5 Ė Sunday, August 14, 2005

I went for a approximately six-mile run this morning from the campsite down to Lake Ore-Be-Gone where I saw a fox, who unhurredly trotted off the road while keeping an eye on me, then I painfully ran back up the hill, along the bike trail almost to Eveleth, then south on an ATV trail to a pit lake owned and fenced off by a GGG Land and Mining or something like that. Someone had pried the fence back and made a path down to the lake, so I ran down to check it out. There was a rope swing hanging from a tree over the water and a pile of beer and soda cans in a pile by the shore. I discovered someoneís hangout. It was a very cool, secluded place. When I was a kid we had a rope swing over the water too. It brought back good memories.
After my run I sat and had a cup of coffee, showered and changed. Then we packed up and left for home at 10:30am. On the way home we stopped at my mom and dadís and had lunch with them. I looked at their bikes and my brotherís bike to see if I could do anything with them. yes, but not there. They needed new parts to replace the old, broken, corroded and dry-rotted. Itíll have to wait until September now unfortunately, since Iím out of time this month already with too many activities.

Coming home was a little bit of a relief and sad. Itís like this I think when you take a vacation that totally takes your mind off the life and struggles you face back home. Itís like living a different life even for a brief moment. This is why we need a day of rest. If all of our struggles are relentless, there is no time to regroup, meet new people like Mark and gain new hope for the future.

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