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August 22, 2005


Yesterday was a strange, dream-like day for me. I was up very late Saturday night because of the bike movies at the Bell and hanging out talking with David and others. But I still got up at 6am. Being short on sleep makes the whole day seem kind of out of balance. I did some things at home, went to the coffee shop for some coffee and read the newspaper, then came home to get ready for a bike ride. I rode the dumpster bike for about 30 miles. I met Terry at the bottom of the High Bridge and rode along the river bluff, down behind the old Brewery to Shepard Road. We watched the In-line skaters doing the marathon. The road was blocked off to automobile traffic but we were riding on the bike trail. Terry was having fun crushing water bottles that the skaters had thrown down. Evidently there was a crew coming behind later to pick up all those bottles? I would think it would be more efficient If they would have to skate by a barrel and throw the empty water bottle in.
We rode up around Fort Snelling and along Minnehaha to the Hub bicycle co-op. That wasn't our original plan, but Terry had never been there, and had only heard about them. He told me, "That's our competition," and that sent up a red flag for me. Terry is a super volunteer that puts in a lot of time at the bike depot. He pretty much doesn't go to any other bike shops and could care less about 'competition,' so where does he get thoughts like that? I think it comes from the mentality of others that are in charge of the ship and he picks up on it, like a child repeats the words of the parents. Seeing the other bike shops as competition is not actually the way some of us believe though. We've started to have some discussion about how we can work together to make a better biking community. There are interesting changes coming up for our non-profit group and it has everything to do with cooperation and working together.
But the stop at the bike shop was originally unplanned. We were going to ride the Greenway, but never made it. Both of our chains were squeaking so I told Terry we should stop and get some lube so he thought it was a good idea. We bought some and the ride home was much more pleasant on the ears.
We then rode back along Lake Street to the River, then South on East River Road to Summit and back to Downtown St. Paul. My time was up. I had to meet my wife to go pick up a new bed. I thanked Terry for the ride and headed up Smith Avenue again. I discovered that whatever gear I put that in seems pretty comfortable going up Smith. I think it's a 15 or 16 tooth ring.
We picked up the bed and brought it home. It's huge! We got a King-Sized bed and box spring set with four sets of sheets for free, and our bed was shot so we brought it home. Then we discovered that King-sized beds don't fit up our old-house stairwell. Now what? We really bent that mattress like it was a contortionist and barely got it through and up the stairs. That took almost all evening to do. Then I showered and cut my hair. That's haircut number three by the way and my barber kit is paid for. The next haircut is free. I'm still having trouble with getting the taper in the back to look tapered instead of lopped off, but it'll come with practice.
Collapsing on the bed last night was great. I've never slept in a bed where my feet didn't hang over the end, or close. Now it's like the other edge of the bed is a foreign country or at least another zip code. It was so nice though that I feel into a good sleep right away. I had an interesting dream about the bike shop and the people there. It was a dream about change. Change is scary for most people and in my dream I was talking to everyone and helping them get through their fears of change. The only thing that was a constant in the dream was that 'change' was inevitable. There was no way we were keeping anything the way it was. Nothing would remain static. So in my dream we were discussing ways to deal with change. One of them was coming to an agreement between us that change is going to happen and that there is no problem or challenge that we can't resolve together. Isn't that so true?! Everything in life changes, but if we work together, everything is easier to deal with. Our burdens become lighter. When we are not facing change alone our fears dissipate.

Posted by carl1236 at August 22, 2005 7:10 AM | Attitude


Silly question, but if you had to bend the heck out of the mattress, what'd you do with the box spring?!

Posted by: nathan at August 25, 2005 10:08 AM

Oh, on King-size beds the box springs are actually two twin-size box springs. Those went up the narrow, steep staircase with no problem. I never knew this until we got the bed.

Posted by: John at August 25, 2005 10:48 PM