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September 9, 2005

Up and down

Today I知 really tired physically. I have to go home now and rest. Saturday I値l be working on bikes at the shop, then doing some remodeling in my house. On Sunday I値l be sitting at a table at the St. Paul Bike Classic. Huge event! Lots of people there. I知 really looking forward to it and can稚 wait see all of the strange and cool bikes (and people) that are there.

My energy levels are way down right now, most likely due to lack of sufficient sleep, but it痴 always important to treat other people with love and respect. It痴 also important to treat ourselves with love and respect. We are more vulnerable to self-criticism when we are exhausted. Another reason I feel like I do might be because I'm sad that I cannot afford to take a class at the U this semester. I have to wait until January now and save my dollars. It's ok, but still I was looking forward to this semester. At times like these I just have to roll with it and get the rest I need and try to be extra aware of how I知 treating myself and others. Life is sometimes up and down, happy and sad, heavy and light, but with a good heart filled with love, nothing is insurmountable and the dark times will pass.

On a positive note I am saying thank you to everyone who is reading my blog and who have made comments and suggestions and have been part of my life in other ways. I appreciate it. It's fun writing and meeting new friends.

Oh, yes, I meant to ask, if any of you bicyclists feel like you could help me out with an essay on anything bicycle related for the bike depot, please write it up and email it to me. I'd like to get some fresh voices on the web page. I have committed to writing 12 of these, one each month, so I'll write one anyway. I'm currently working on one called: "What it takes to commute by bicycle in the winter." If you have some favorite stories or tips you want to share on winter commuting, I can include a blurb or quote from you in my essay also.
I know there are a lot of good writers out there who read this so what do you say?
See previous essays at : http://www.bikeped.org and scroll down toward the bottom of the page. You can email me at either one of these emails: carl1236 @umn.edu or john@bikeped.org. I'd love to hear from you bicycle enthusiasts, especially the ones that ride your bike in cold climates all year-round like I do.

Thanks, and have a great night!

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