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September 10, 2005

A new headboard

We have to accomplish things at home too. That is my lesson to myself for today. I spent time last night and tonight building and mounting a very unique looking headboard on our bed. It looks like a white picket fence. Slowly our room is being transformed into a beautiful, pleasant country garden. But it all takes time. Especially if it's a big project. Time is limited I guess and it's part of finding a balance in life. This is a huge issue for most people I think. Many people devote their entire lives to their work only to find later that they missed out on their kids growing up or they lost their relationship with their spouse, and so on. But many people have a found what their priorities are. I'm still working on this thing called balance. At least I have a new headboard now and it looks cool. (very inexpensive to build also).

St. Paul Classic on Sunday. I'll be sitting at a table at St. Thomas from 7am to about 2pm or so. I love thise huge events. Kind of festive and everyone seems so happy. It's part of balance to get out and enjoy life too. That is a healthy part of life.

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