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September 20, 2005

Veggie Van and other Greasecar adventures in the Land of Oil

Today I received a Zine in the mail called Adventures in the Land of Greasecars and Fireflies, by S. Scatter. In his Zine, the author talks about how he converted his diesel Volkswagen Jetta into a vegetable oil burning car. They call this biodiesel. Evidently you can buy a kit for about 800 dollars that will allow you to burn pure vegetable oil, or any other kind of oil instead of (in addition to) diesel fuel. The author gets his from fast food restuarants for free.

Check out these links:




It may not be for everyone, but it could be really cool for some people while free supplies of veggie oil last. It's cool these people are taking advantage of it.

If anyone is interested in buying this Zine, it's a good story. Send a few bucks for the Zine and postage to:

Sascha Scatter
P.O. Box 18
Spring Glen, NY 12483

or order it from Microcosm publishing.

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