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September 23, 2005

Dee Duckwall Live

Tonight I went to see Dee Duckwall live, in person! It was really cool. And since I no longer had my copy of her CD, I bought another one. Tonight I had the pleasure of sharing her music with a friend I met downtown St. Paul at the Bike Depot. We sat there and talked and listened to the music. It was hard to talk though, because Dee is kind of captivating while she's singing. With a rolling voice, like the waves of the sea dancing and rolling around the Isle of music and magic. Her Irish folk songs were refreshing and uplifting. Tonight, between the good conversation with my friend, the good music and the beautiful weather on my walk home, my heart was bouncing and rolling like that sea. I cannot say enough good things about her music. She's also a very nice person and it looks like to me a good mom. Tonight we also had the special treat of hearing her daughter perform three songs on the violin. She's very much a captivating performer like her mom.

Posted by carl1236 at September 23, 2005 11:02 PM | Music